Welcome to Mr. Africa Inc. We are a non-profit charitable corporation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. We are very passionate about bringing forth the gift of creative writings and poetry to the masses and it is our desire to make our corporation a catalyst for readers and poets. In order to accomplish our mission we are in need of your support. We have put together a staff that has a genuine love for creativity and in doing so we have brought to life forums that we hope poetry lovers from all over will enjoy. If you would like to see exactly what we do and what we bring to the web community please make it a point to visit the sites below. We welcome your comments and input. All donations are welcomed and appreciated as well.

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We also maintain the following websites: Jlivory Poets Page | LadyLyric Poets Page | ShandraLove Poets Page | TangelaCooke Poets Page | Trin-A-Thoughtz Poets Page | PoeticFreedom Poets Page | LyrikallyFree Poets Page | LilPiglet Poets Page | TheLioness Poets Page | MzSoulness Poets Page | NaTonya Poets Page | FirstLadyLu Poets Page | Ahsien Poets Page |Gmorrison Poetic Scene

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